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Our hotel finder is searching for prices for double rooms or apartment 2 persons occupancy (double room - 2 persons - is a reference room). Please enter a price for a double room - apartment/night and our finder will find a hotel or apartment with in your budget. If you want to find prices for available rooms other than the double room or apartment for more persons, you will find it in the description & price menu of the hotel or apartment you choose.

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Hotel Le Palais

          city centre
Hotel Le Palais Prague is one of the newest luxury hotels opened on the Prague market. This private palace,...
Price: 220 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

Hotel Savoy Prague

          city centre
Situated in a diplomatic area in a historical building dating back to early 1900s, luxurious 5-star...
Price: 230 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

Hotel Esplanade

          city centre
Right at the centre of Prague, just a few steps from the Wenceslas Square and close to the State Opera...
Price: 165 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

Corinthia Towers Hotel

          city centre
Hotel Corinthia Towers Prague is 5 star business and congress hotel located at the metro station Vyšehrad...
Price: 99 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

Hotel Pachtuv Palace

          city centre
Hotel Pachtuv Palace Prague is arguably the most beautiful baroque residence in Prague, located in a...
Price: 225 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

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