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Our hotel finder is searching for prices for double rooms or apartment 2 persons occupancy (double room - 2 persons - is a reference room). Please enter a price for a double room - apartment/night and our finder will find a hotel or apartment with in your budget. If you want to find prices for available rooms other than the double room or apartment for more persons, you will find it in the description & price menu of the hotel or apartment you choose.

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Hotel Stirka

        out of the centre
Hotel Stirka is situated in a quiet residential section close to the Prague exhibiton areas in Holesovice...
Price: 40 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

Hotel Balkan

        10 min from the centre
The nice three star family Hotel Balkán is situated in a historical building near the centre of Prague....
Price: 78 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

Hotel Globus

        10 min from the centre
Hotel Globus is located in a pretty park in Prague, the Horní Roztyly city quarter. Hotel Globus offers...
Price: 60 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

Apartment Karmelitska

    city centre
Apartment Karmelitska is located in the heart of Lesser Town, in the historical center of Prague, next to...
Price: 59 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

Pension Berg

    10 min from the centre
Hotel pension Berg in Prague is located in a newly reconstructed building in a quiet city part. The hotel...
Price: 58 EUR (2 persons/night)   SEE DETAIL

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